Uniform Dress Policy and Procedures

**If you have further questions/concerns about the uniform policy please contact the school directly**

Bottoms - Tan or navy blue trousers, pants, walking shorts (finger tip length), jumpers, skirts, uniform style dress, or capri pants. No logos, designs, or ornamentations are permitted.

Tops - Shirts must be uniform style polo shirts with a collar or a solid colored t -shirt. The colors must be navy blue, gray or white. No logos, designs or ornamentations are permitted. Only the Mary Bryant Elementary logo is permitted on shirts, jumpers or dresses. 


Dress Uniform For special events, such as award assemblies, fall pictures, field trips and group pictures, students will be requested to wear a dress uniform. The dress uniform for Mary Bryant Elementary shall be described as a navy blue collared polo shirt with tan slacks or skirt. See the school web site for examples.


1. Students should be in compliance on the first day of school; however, all students will be expected to comply within ten days of entering school.

2. Each student is expected to adhere to the Mary Bryant Elementary Dress Policy every day during the school year. Exceptions will be individual spring picture days, and pre -announced theme days on which students may wear other clothing as long as they abide by the Hillsborough County Public School’s Dress Code Policy.

3. Pants must be secured at the waist.

4. Midriff shirts or shirts with any type of cut out are NOT acceptable.

5. Hats may only be worn at PE, with doctor’s referral or on Field Days.

6. Shoes must be securely fastened to the feet in the front and at the heel. Sport shoes should be worn on days when physical education classes are scheduled. Skate shoes are not allowed on school property at any time.

7. Students can wear the following on Friday or on the last day of the week prior to a holiday: Top: School uniform top or a school related “theme” t - shirt. (Math Bowl, Science Fair, Spell - a -thon, etc.) Bottom: Any attire that complies with the district’s dress policy as stated in the student handbook. Sweat pants and knit pants are acceptable only on Friday or the last day of the week prior to a holiday.

8. Dress Uniforms, navy blue collared polo shirt with khaki slacks or skirt are required for:

  • Awards assemblies  
  • Fall Pictures
  • Field trips
  • Class pictures
  • Special Group pictures

See school web site for uniform examples . http://bryant.mysdhc.org